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Acuity Brand - NLight NPP20PL

Acuity Brand - NLight NPP20PL

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The nLight nPP20 PL power pack extends the power pack family, delivering robust system performance and design versatility for commercial and industrial control applications. The nPP20 PL is capable of switching loads up to 20 Amps for general purpose receptacle load via an internal latching relay designed with robust protection. This power pack also has two available options – the base unit powers off of line voltage, but does not provide nLight bus power. An option is available for a unit that provides bus power – this option (BP) provides up to 40mA from each of its two RJ-45 ports by transforming Class 1 line voltage (120 VAC) to Class 2 low voltage (15 VDC). This power is typically utilized by other nLight devices within the power pack’s local control zone; however, remaining power is also made available over the network for Bridges and devices in other zones to utilize. Simply add this device into an nLight control zone with an occupancy sensor and the unit will automatically switch off when the room becomes vacant. Local manual switch and photocell control of receptacles is not typically required, therefore it is disabled by default.

The nPP20 PL’s two RJ-45 connectors make control wiring with standard CAT5e cabling easy and clean. For simplifying installation, the nPP20 PL is designed with an elongated chase nipple that allows them to be attached directly through a ½” knockout into a junction box.

  • Communicates w/ nLight Network
  • Self-Contained Relay Switches Line Voltage Load
  • BP Option Supplies 40mA of Bus Power / RJ-45 port
  • Remotely Configurable/Upgradeable
  • Push-Button Programmable
  • Configurable Relay Logic
  • Extended Chase Nipple
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