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GE TG3325R

GE TG3325R

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Description: 400A 3P GD N3R 240V FUSIBLE
UPC No 783164008586
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Designed for residential and light commercial applications where duty is not severe.
Listed to UL standard 98 enclosed and dead front switches.
Suitable for use as service equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.
Certified to CSA standard 22.2 no. 4-04 enclosed and dead front switches.
Meets or exceeds NEMA KS1 standard for enclosed switches - type GD.
Fusible and non-fusible switches available (consult BuyLog for interrupt ratings).
Quick-make, quick-break mechanism (30-200 amp).
60/75°C conductor rating.

Height 49.2
Depth 8.9
Width 21.6
Weight 109


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